Jean-François Lescadres

Vice-President Finance

Jean-François Lescadres has been Vice-President Finance since December 2021. In that capacity, he is responsible for ensuring the rigour of our financial activities and providing leadership on our key strategic projects.  

Since joining Videotron in 2003, Jean-François has made his mark by always putting the customer at the centre of our financial operations and applying sound change management to our financial processes. The new way of doing business ushered in many innovative ideas that have shaped Videotron over the years.  

In nearly 20 years with the organization, Jean-François has held a number of management positions in the Business and Finance sectors, acquiring in-depth knowledge of Videotron and a wide range of experience. With his keen understanding of finance and ability to motivate people to work towards common goals, he has spearheaded many projects, including the launch of wireless telephony, for which he oversaw all the steps in the network roll-out and played a key role in setting up the retail network needed to support the growth. 

Jean-François has also been behind the strategic planning of many other projects, including the 3G roll-out in 2010, and is leading the teams responsible for strategic partnerships and financial viability for our major expansion outside Québec.  

Jean-François Lescadres holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a graduate diploma (DESS) in Accounting from HEC Montréal. He began his career with an accounting firm before joining Videotron.