Building the Videotron of the future

Life at Videotron

Come join Videotron’s dynamic team. Would you like to build a successful career and secure a solid future with a leading player in the telecommunications industry? At Videotron, you will work in a stimulating environment that offers exciting professional challenges and opportunities for advancement. You will share in the company’s success.

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Advantageous compensation and attractive working conditions


A technology that connects people


Pride in working for a leading-edge company

We don’t believe in chance

We could tell you we are the most respected telecommunications provider in Québec, a telecommunications and entertainment leader that delivers the best customer experience.

We could add that we are growing fast, all signals are go, and we are a flagship of Québec’s economy. But to understand how we got here, you have to look at the daily dedication and passion of our 6 500 employees, the way our teams work together, our people’s thirst for challenge, can-do attitude, and satisfaction in a job well done.

It’s not by chance that our future looks so bright.

Carriere ingenierie


Join a team of engineers that applies its brain-power every day to develop concrete, technologically relevant solutions that help Quebecers communicate and enjoy entertainment. Our people work daily to implement the latest available technology quickly, effectively and with exemplary reliability in order to meet our customers’ expectations. If you’re interested in home automation, 5G, video and wireless, if challenges make you tick, this job is for you!

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Carriere SAC

Customer service

If you have people skills and enjoy helping others, you belong at Videotron, where you will be able to make a difference for our customers. Videotron is known for its superior customer service. If you want an opportunity to use your interpersonal skills to full advantage, this job is for you!

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Carriere information

Information technologies

Information technologies are part of our daily lives and are at the heart of everything we do at Videotron. Our ability to process and use information is one of the things that sets us apart. We owe it to our IT team of ingenious, creative professionals who think independently but work together. If working on the technologies of the future, turning your ideas into reality and making a difference for the entire company are challenges you want to tackle, we have what you need at Videotron.

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Carriere Affaire

Videotron Business

Do words like mobility, telephony, Internet, Web hosting and network solutions get your juices flowing? Videotron Business is bursting with people like you who are eager to tackle the challenge of cutting-edge technology every day. Be part of a community of experts who work with Québec companies to help them thrive. Join the ranks of one of Québec’s most successful businesses: Videotron offers business opportunities you won’t find elsewhere and a stimulating environment that fosters teamwork and healthy competition.

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Carriere makrting

Marketing, finance, HR and corporate communications

Interested in developing your entrepreneurial spirit at a major Québec company? At Videotron, you will have the opportunity to work on big projects and help us achieve great things. In one of our corporate departments, you will play a key role in strategic initiatives and have a real impact on the application of our business practices.

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Carriere details

Retail network

Do you treat customers as honoured guests? Are you a good listener and trust-builder? Are you a risk-taker who strives for excellence? If so, then retail is for you! At a Videotron retail location, you will work with people who are on the same wavelength as yourself: people who apply their abundant energies to providing peerless customer service, coworkers who are always focused on the customer and work together to create a friendly and supportive environment for all.

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Carriere qualité technique

Make the difference for customer satisfaction

Looking for independence and room to grow professionally? You’ve come to the right place! If you’d like to apply your technical skills to support customer satisfaction in a concrete way, this job’s for you!

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Recruitment process

You will find below the main stages of recruitment at Videotron.


Review of the application

When an application is submitted, a Human Resources officer reviews it and analyzes the candidate’s suitability for the position, based on experience, education and profile.


Phone interview

Candidates who pass the first stage will receive a call for a brief telephone interview to confirm the information on their resumé, their communication skills and their interest in the job.


Selection interview

The short-listed candidates are then interviewed in person to ascertain whether their skills match the desired profile.


Job offer

After the interviews have been completed, the manager(s) make a decision and the human resources representative makes the candidate an offer.



Once the person has been hired, the onboarding process begins. The manager and his or her team show the new employee the ropes.

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