Impaired hearing

Impaired hearing

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Mobile phone


Here is a list of features designed to facilitate your everyday usage. Available on certain devices.

  • Bluetooth® compatible
  • Speakerphone
  • Hearing Aid compatibility
  • Teletypewriter compatible
  • Vibration alerts and notifications
  • Haptic feedback
  • Speed dial
  • Text-to-speech
  • Accessibility enhancements
  • Distinctive contact ringtone ID
  • Distinctive contact Picture ID
  • Predictive text
  • Word learning
  • Text completion
  • Auto answer (headset)
  • Voice dial (headset)
  • Voice command
  • Customizable menus and shortcuts
  • High-contrast easy access keypad
  • Identifiable nib on the '5' key

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A Mobile Phone service plan exclusively for people who have vision and/or hearing problems is being offered.

Opt for one of the most recent mobile phone models on the market that offers numerous options in terms of accessibility.

Discover the plans

Features and services

Videotron packages come with features and services that are tailored to your needs and designed to make your life easier. Like T911, a service that allows you to communicate with 911 emergency services via text message using your Videotron cellphone.



Adapted wireless phone repair services
Videotron offers free courier service to wireless telephone customers with reduced mobility.

If your phone is diagnosed as defective during a technical support call with Videotron, we will send you a package with a courtesy wireless phone along with a return slip to send us your defective phone free of charge. Once your wireless phone has been repaired, it will be sent back to you with a second return slip that you can use to return the courtesy device free of charge. A rush courier service will handle both operations, delivering to and picking up from your door.

Those considered eligible for the "impaired mobility" service are customers who have a motor, sensory or physical disability preventing them from visiting a Videotron service location in person.

Charges may apply for the repair of devices and/or breakage not covered under warranty.

Manufacturer's guarantee

As Videotron does not manufacture its own equipment, the only warranties it offers are those of the manufacturers. If your phone becomes defective during the manufacturer's warranty period, visit one of our points of sale. The manufacturer's warranty is valid for one year on mobile devices. A proof of purchase is required to benefit from the satisfaction guarantee or the manufacturer's warranty. If your warranty has expired or if damages are not covered by the warranty, you must visit a Videotron point of sale. Please note: Defects and damages caused by improper storage, contact with liquid or humidity, physical damage, unauthorized modifications, misuse, neglect, abuse, misapplications, accidents, improper installation, abnormal operating conditions, or acts of God are not covered by the warranty.

Please note: Defects and damages caused by improper storage, contact with liquid or humidity, physical damage, unauthorized modifications, misuse, neglect, abuse, misapplications, accidents, improper installation, abnormal operating conditions, or acts of God are not covered by the warranty.

T911 service
The T911 service enables our Mobile Service customers who are deaf, hearing impaired or who have a speech impediment to communicate with 911 emergency services via text messaging. This service is available exclusively to these groups of customers.

To follow the rollout and availability of the service in your area or one that you will visit:

1 - Terms of use:

  • You must be the holder or authorized user of a Videotron account and be subscribed to our mobile telephony service.
  • You must subscribe to a mobile line that can send and receive text messages.
  • You must have a mobile device that is compatible with the T911 service. Note that all smartphones sold by Videotron are compatible with the service. Older models such as flip phones are not compatible.

Please note: In order for the T911 service to work in a given area, it must be supported by local 911 emergency services. Please make sure that the service is available in the area where you wish to use it:

2 - How to subscribe to the T911 service:

To register, please contact Customer Service using chat or by phone.

3 - What to do when making an emergency call:

  • Make a voice call to 911. Be sure to unlock your mobile phone's keypad before making the call.
  • Wait for the 911 dispatcher to reply via text message.
  • Continue communication via text and do not end the voice call to 911. This will allow the operator to understand the emergency and also receive important information including call back number and location information. When the emergency call has ended, you will get a text message indicating the end of the session. You can then end the voice part of the 911 call.

For more information on T911 Service:

Residential telephone service

We offer a range of phone services and features so you can communicate more easily.

  • Emergency services (911)
  • Operator assistance (0)
  • Telephone directory assistance (411) package
  • Relay services for the hearing-impaired (711)

Operator assistance (0)

For residential customers with a disability. This free service* provides unlimited access to operator assistance. It is available to eligible customers who have a disability that prevents them from dialling a telephone number themselves. To use the free operator assistance service, simply dial 0 from your home phone.

Long-distance charges will be billed at the applicable rate or according to your long-distance plan. Local calls and calls between subscribers to Videotron telephone service are free.

* Certain conditions apply.

Telephone directory assistance (411) package

For cable telephone subscribers aged 65 or older or who have a disability.

This free* monthly package provides unlimited access to directory assistance services to our customers aged 65 or older or have a disability.

The directory assistance service can be added to your Videotron cable telephone subscription for a minimum period of 30 days. It can only be added or removed on the last day of your billing cycle. The account must be in the name of the beneficiary or person who is acting as a proxy for the beneficiary.

To use the directory assistance service, just dial 411. Overseas directory assistance is also available through the operator (0).

* Certain conditions apply.

Relay service for the hearing-impaired

For cable or wireless telephone subscribers who have a hearing or speech impairment.

Relay service (711)
The Relay service (711) is adapted to the needs of people who have a hearing or speech impairment and uses a telecommunications device for the deaf (TTY), a teletypewriter or other types of specialized equipment. Various methods for routing calls are available:

  • "Voice Carry Over" (VCO): for the hearing impaired who can talk without assistance.
  • "Hearing Carry Over" (HCO): for the speech impaired who can hear without assistance.

To use the relay service for the hearing impaired, dial 711 on your TTY. People who do not have a TTY and wish to reach a hearing impaired person through the relay service can do so by dialing 1-800-855-0511. Hearing impaired people who wish to reach a hearing impaired person through the relay service can do so by dialing 1-800-855-1155.

IP Relay
It is also possible to use the IP relay service for the hearing impaired, either on your computer through the service's web page, or through the application available on Android or iPhone. You may register for it online starting today, by filling out our service request form.

To install the app on your mobile device :

télécharger appli helix sur appstore télécharger appli helix sur appstore

Already registered?

Access the IP relay service (IP to voice):

Our Customer Service and Technical Support representatives can also be reached during business hours via the TTY system (see contact information) or through the chat line on our site.

Videotron does not provide TTY or other types of specialized equipment. Please contact a hearing-aid acoustician to purchase or rent such devices. Long-distance calls made through the relay service (711 or IP) will be billed as per your long-distance plan and its current rates.

Video Relay Service (VRS)
Video Relay Service (VRS) is a free service offered by VRS Canada allowing you to make call via calls with a sign language interpreter via an app installed on a smartphone, computer or tablet. The service is destined to customers who use sign language to communicate and connects you to people or business that do not use sign language and can also connect you to other sign language users.

In order to use this service or for more information, be sure to visit  and register.



Here are the services you can enjoy with your TV package.

  • Favourite channels list
  • Remote recorder application
  • Videotron installation service
  • Same day or following day repair service
  • lllico Call display

Illico Call display

For illico digital TV and cable telephone subscribers. illico Call display allows you to see the identity of your caller right on your TV screen. It also gives you access to a history of incoming calls.

To benefit from the illico call display free of charge*, you must be a subscriber to both illico digital TV and Videotron cable telephone, including the optional Call Display service. Your illico digital terminal must be compatible with this service.

* Certain conditions apply.


What is closed-captioning for the hearing impaired? This is text that accompanies the program on the screen. It allows the viewer to read an abbreviated version of the actors? dialog and important sounds. For sporting events, the captions contain the commentators? descriptions. They are intended for people who have difficulty hearing or distinguishing sounds.

Service availability. The closed-captioning service is offered on all illico digital terminals. If the channel offers the program you are watching with closed-captioning, a CC note will be indicated in the description of the program in the TV listings guide of your illico terminal. Many TV sets support closed-captioning for the hearing impaired with RF and baseband inputs.

Who provides the closed-captioning text? Several companies (sources) provide closed-captioning services to television networks and production companies for their standard (analog) and digital programs.


Enjoy support 24/7 via our social networks (for the hearing impaired) and our home installation service. For assistance, you can chat with one of our Customer Service or Technical Support representatives.

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