Helix: a whole new technology experience coming to Québec homes

August 26, 2019 - Press Release

Montreal, August 27, 2019 – Videotron is unveiling a new technology platform that will revolutionize entertainment and home management: Helix. As of today, Quebecers can sign up for a whole new connected entertainment and life management experience that adapts to their needs and lifestyles. With its voice remote, ultra-intelligent Wi-Fi, and, coming soon, its ability to integrate automation features, Helix will soon play a major role in Québec households.

What is Helix? 

All your entertainment in one place
With a single word, Helix performs a centralized search and brings up a list of content from multiple sources in a unified catalog. Be it recordings, TV channels, On Demand content or content from online streaming platforms like Club illico or Netflix, users will quickly get relevant content suggestions based on what they’re interested in.

The only voice search adapted to Québec's reality
Voice command is at the heart of the Helix experience. Videotron has worked with its teams and partners to teach it how to recognize French from everywhere. From Gatineau to Rivière-du-Loup, and Saguenay to Montréal, Helix understands you, both in French and English.

Ultra-intelligent and attentive Wi-Fi
Thanks to Helix's high-speed, high-performance and secure Wi-Fi, you can easily control your home, no matter how many devices are connected. The Helix Fi Gateway continuously optimizes your home Internet network to ensure you always get the best performance, security and coverage. The Wi-Fi automatically detects your home's connected devices and proactively performs updates to guarantee you get the best connected life experience.

Two new mobile apps
Videotron has two new mobile apps for its Helix customers: 

• Helix Fi lets you control your home Wi-Fi network. Set time restrictions for your children's Internet use or quickly and easily disconnect a device from the network. In addition, the Helix Fi app will soon let you control your household's smart devices.

• Helix lets users control their cloud DVR remotely, watch live TV and a ton of On Demand content anytime, anywhere, even on the train.

Videotron: always the best customer experience
Videotron firmly believes that innovation should never stop. That's why Helix will evolve to keep pace with new technology and consumer needs. New features will be added regularly to offer users new applications, a consistently high-performing platform and an enhanced experience.


“Videotron has always been guided by its willingness to innovate, which is why our teams have worked tirelessly to launch a brand new technological platform. Our customers' needs are changing, and they are more connected than ever. We offer solutions for their growing needs to stay on the cutting edge.”

- Jean-François Pruneau, President and CEO, Videotron

“It's a big day for Videotron. Today, we’re launching a brand new entertainment platform and, very soon, a connected living experience. By consistently innovating and listening to consumers' needs, we’re always offering the best customer experience. I believe Quebecers will not only adopt Helix quickly, they won't be able to live without it!”

- Jean-François Pruneau, President and CEO, Videotron

“Through Helix, we offer the best technology, the best content and the best customer experience. Helix will become a key part of the convergence model our success is based on.”

- Pierre Karl Péladeau, President and CEO, Quebecor

To discover the Helix experience, visit videotron.com/helix
To access the full press kit and images: bit.ly/LancementHelix

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