Sylvain Brosseau

Senior Vice-President, Operations, Customer Service

Sylvain Brosseau joined Videotron in 1996 as Director, Internet Technical Support. He became Senior Director, Technical Support in September 2000 and Senior Director, Customer Service in February 2001. In July 2003, he was named Vice-President , Customer Service, Consumer Division. In that capacity, he was responsible for several departments, including customer service and technical support for customers throughout Quebec, POS support, quality control, outsourcing in Quebec and overseas, operations development and efficiency (including project management, operational training, documentation, the complaints service and customer relations) and staff planning and business intelligence for all call centre employees.

In May 2013, Sylvain was promoted to Senior Vice-President, Operations, Customer Service. In addition to overseeing the Office of the Vice-President Operations, Customer Service and the Office of the Senior Director, Solutions & Operational Development, Sylvain is responsible for the Office of the Vice-President, Technical Operations, which includes, among other things, installation and home service for the entire province. More than 2,800 employees work in the three departments under his leadership.

Sylvain’s mission is to deliver the best customer experience by constantly improving business processes and anticipating customer needs.

His achievements include the implementation of a one-stop shopping concept and a centralized call routing system for all call centres, retention strategies for customer service and telemarketing employees, and a significant contribution to corporate growth.

Over the past 20+ years, Sylvain has carried out a series of launches at Videotron, including illico, Internet service, wireline and mobile telephony, and Helix.

Before joining Videotron, Sylvain worked for more than 11 years in network management, network design and project management, serving as a manager and telecommunications analyst and consultant with a number of companies, including Pratt & Whitney Canada, National Bank of Canada, Confédération des Caisses populaires et d’économie Desjardins du Québec, Montreal Trust, Optinet and Optel P.M.L.