Bertrand Hébert

Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer

Bertrand Hébert has led the marketing team since September 2014. He is responsible for product development and go-to-market for the Videotron and Fizz brands, as well as the digital and retail network customer experience. His mission is to deliver an innovative, cutting-edge experience for Videotron customers, online and in-store.

Bertrand joined the Videotron team in 2007 as Senior Manager, Marketing and Product Development for telephone services, after acquiring experience in marketing and in product management and development with major companies such as Tata Communications, Bell and National Bank of Canada. He was promoted to General Manager, Marketing and Product Development for residential services in 2009 and for mobile in 2012.

Bertrand was one of the architects of development and go-to-market of the new Fizz and Helix services. Under his leadership, Videotron has grown its residential and mobile telephone customer base by more than 1 million. He also contributed to the roll-out of Ultimate Speed Internet.

Bertrand graduated from Université de Sherbrooke with a degree in electrical engineering.