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Accès illimité – A New Day goes behind the scenes with Céline Dion, in standard or HD format

Montréal, Monday, January 28, 2008 – Subscribers to Videotron's illico Digital TV service will have a unique backstage view of the Céline Dion show that has been a milestone in the history of Las Vegas and of showbiz in general as they now have access to the 90-minutes special Accès illimité – A New Day – with some dialogs in English – available exclusively on illico on Demand, in standard digital format and high definition (HD).

Accès illimité – A New Day takes viewers behind the scenes and lets them experience the legendary show first-hand, from the time Céline leaves the house for the Colosseum until she returns home late at night, a Québec first for a real-time concert film.

"Never has any artist given a film crew this type of backstage access," said Stéphane Laporte, the director of Accès illimité – A New Day. "We were simply everywhere: in her dressing room, in the wings, under the stage, from where the special effects are orchestrated, and on the platform above the stage, where the acrobats appear. We were even in the small makeshift dressing room near the stage, where Céline does her breakneck costume changes, like a Formula 1 driver making a pit stop. After seeing Céline's show from behind the scenes, you will never watch a concert the same way again. You will be in the know about Céline's magical performance, and how much effort it takes to make it all look so easy."

Céline's concerts presented on TVA available on illico on Demand – free of charge
In addition to Accès illimité – A New Day, which is available for $2.99 for both standard digital format and HD, subscribers to illico Digital TV will be able to watch the three segments of the recently released A New Day DVD free of charge on illico on Demand. The three programs, which were previously aired on TVA, are: the Las Vegas concert, which had a run of 723 sell-out performances and was seen by a total of 3 million people; A New Day – Les Secrets, which tells the inside story of this unforgettable concert; and A New Day – Hommage aux fans, in which Céline fans who have come to Las Vegas from around the world share their excitement.

"A New Day is not only a landmark event in the history of show business but also testifies to the worldwide success of one of our own," said Claude Foisy, Vice President, Brand Management and Content, Videotron. "In this sense, putting these programs on illico on Demand in standard digital and HD formats is very much in keeping with our commitment to always offer our customers the best possible experience in terms of television content, exclusives and entertainment."

Exclusive vidcaps from Accès illimité – A New Day available on our FTP site:
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