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Sun News Network available on the screen of your choice

Montréal, April 18, 2011 — Videotron welcomes today Sun News Network, Canada’s latest all-news channel. The network will feature personality-driven reporters, anchors and hosts who deliver the day’s real top stories with an edge.  It will be available on illico TV, illico web and illico mobile.

Canada’s new home for hard news and straight talk
Sun News is poised to shake up the Canadian news media landscape.  Featuring some of Canada’s biggest news personalities, Sun News is positioned to be a real player on day one.  With a mixture of “hard news” by day and “straight talk” by night, the network is best described as ‘traditional all-news meets talk radio’ - with a pacing and excitement factor that makes news interesting to watch. 

As home to some of Canada’s biggest news and talk radio names, such as Charles Adler, Ezra Levant, Theo Caldwell and Brian Lilley, the network is a television outlet for Canadians who get their news from talk radio but who skip over the establishment all-news options.  To complement the “straight talk” team are some of the most seasoned journalists in the country – reporters and anchors including Krista Erickson, Pat Bolland, Alex Pierson and David Akin.

Free for six months
Sun News Network will be previewed for a period of six months free of charge at channel 23 in standard format and channel 623 in high definition on all illico platforms. It will subsequently be available as part of the Custom, Anglo, Extra Anglo and Mega packages*.

Please note that Sun News Network will replace today Sun TV in analogue and digital modes.

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