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Vidéotron will carry Super Bowl in High Definition Television, including us commercials in full

Montréal, January 30, 2004 - Vidéotron will carry the CBS network’s broadcast of the 38th Super Bowl from Houston on Sunday, February 1, including the American commercials in full, on channel 153 in High Definition Television (HDTV).

Vidéotron is able to bring its subscribers the Super Bowl in HDTV because of its unique hybrid fibre-optic/coaxial cable two-way broadband network and its illico digital platform.

To access the HDTV feed of the Super Bowl, Vidéotron subscribers need an HDTV television set and an HDTV illico set-top box.

Vidéotron subscribers in the greater Montréal area will be able to tune in the HDTV broadcast of the Super Bowl on channel 153 of Vidéotron’s digital cable service.

Vidéotron Ltée, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quebecor Média inc., is an integrated communications company active in cable television, interactive multimedia development and Internet access services. Vidéotron Ltée is a leader in new technologies, thanks to illico, its interactive television system and its high-bandwidth network allowing it to offer, among other services, high-speed cable Internet access, analog and digital TV services. In Quebec, Vidéotron serves 1,423,000 million cable customers; more than 213,000 also subscribe to interactive TV on its digital service illico. Vidéotron is also the leader in high-speed cable Internet access throughout Quebec, with more than 430,000 Internet customers by cable modem and dial-up modem. 


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