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Vidéotron confirms leadership with introduction of High-Definition Personal Video Recorder

Montréal, March 2, 2004 – Vidéotron is breaking new ground with the launch of its HD-PVR (High-Definition Personal Video Recorder). This addition to Vidéotron’s product line-up will make it the first major cable operator in Québec to offer a HD-PVR.

“HD-PVR is certain to revolutionize the television experience,” said Robert Dépatie, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vidéotron. “Vidéotron’s HDPVR, which will be available starting March 15, is the most sophisticated set-top box on the market. It will support all the popular options already offered by illico, including the most advanced high-definition picture available, CD-quality surround sound, Dolby Digital and the unique advantages of Video on Demand, available exclusively to subscribers to the digital illico service.”

Additional functions and advantages of HD-PVR
The HD-PVR set-top box has all the features of a standard PVR plus many additional functions and advantages:
• Save up to 90 hours of regular programming or 20 hours of high-definition programming on the 160 Gb hard disk;
• View a recorded program dozens of times with no loss of digital quality;
• Record two programs simultaneously in digital;
• Same features as a VCR: pause, fast forward, rewind, programming, weekly time-shifting, etc.;
• Compatible with both high-definition and regular TV sets;
• Advanced picture quality (16:9 aspect ratio, like the movies) where available;
• 1080i resolution and YpbPr component output;
• DVI video output for the best possible image quality;
• Watch 2 different programs at the same time with the picture-in-picture feature;
• Universal remote control for TV, VCR, HD-PVR or another unit connected to the AUX output, such as a DVD player;
• Pause during a live program and resume watching where you left off; and more.

The introduction of HD-PVR is supported by Vidéotron’s unique hybrid fibreoptic/ coaxial cable two-way broadband network and its illico digital platform.

Vidéotron Ltée, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quebecor Média inc., is an integrated communications company active in cable television, interactive multimedia development and Internet access services. Vidéotron Ltée is a leader in new technologies, thanks to illico, its interactive television system and its highbandwidth network allowing it to offer, among other services, high-speed cable Internet access, analog and digital TV services. In Quebec, Vidéotron serves 1,433,000 million cable customers; more than 240,000 also subscribe to interactive TV on its digital service illico. Vidéotron is also the leader in highspeed cable Internet access throughout Quebec, with more than 435,000 Internet customers by cable modem and dial-up modem. 


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