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Videotron and École de Technologie Supérieure: $150,000 for students

Montréal, April 9, 2009 – Robert Dépatie, President and Chief Executive Officer of Videotron, and honorary president of the annual École de technologie supérieure development fund (FDÉTS) benefit concert, in company of Yves Beauchamp, Director General of the École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), and Rocky Roy, Chairman of the FDÉTS to whom he handed over a $150,000 cheque, raised at the benefit concert held last night at Place des Arts in Montréal.

“Our partnership with the École de technologie supérieure gives us an opportunity to get to know the engineers of the future and to support their training,” said Robert Dépatie. “It is also consistent with our strategy of building bridges with the universities and colleges in order to recruit the best local talent.”

“The proceeds will be used to fund student bursaries, attract talented teachers, promote technology transfer and innovation, and support student clubs that take part in international competitions,” said Yves Beauchamp.

Also under the partnership with ÉTS, Videotron made a $25,000 contribution to the young engineers in the Club Formule SAE (SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers) to help them build their latest prototype. The Club has won several prizes at competitions in the U.S. and England. This year, they will take part in interuniversity competitions with a high-performance vehicle painted in Videotron colours.

500 permanent new jobs by the end of the year
“As it builds out its own Advanced Wireless Services network, Videotron is looking for engineers and IT specialists,” said Robert Dépatie. “Given the Company’s growth and hence its need for talent, this is a natural partnership for us.” Videotron has already recruited a number of interns from ÉTS.

Quality jobs
Over the past year, Videotron has spent more than half a million dollars on employee training and development. Videotron supports employees who want to grow with the Company by offering many opportunities for advancement. Employees also enjoy attractive salaries, a bonus plan, a defined benefits pension plan and a very advantageous insurance plan. The Company adapts to employees’ needs and allows employees broad flexibility through programs based on new workplace realities, such as compressed schedules and telework.

To apply
All positions are posted on videotron.com and Jobboom. Candidates can apply online at the careers section of the website (videotron.com/carrieres) by filling out the questionnaire and attaching their résumé.

Videotron Ltd. (www.videotron.com), a wholly owned subsidiary of Quebecor Media Inc., is an integrated communications company engaged in cable television, interactive multimedia development, Internet access services, cable telephony and wireless telephone service. Videotron is a leader in new technologies with its illico interactive television system and its broadband network, which supports high-speed cable Internet access, analog and digital cable television, and other services. As of December 31, 2008, Videotron was serving 1,715,616 cable television customers in Québec, including 927,322 illico Digital TV subscribers. Videotron is the Québec leader in high-speed Internet access, with 1,063,847 subscribers to its cable modem service, as of December 31, 2008. On that date, Videotron had activated 63,402 lines on its wireless telephone service and was providing cable telephone service to 851,987 Québec households and organizations.


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