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Results that speak volumes

In 2005, Videotron reached new heights by registering sales figures surpassing the billion-dollar mark (CAD). In 2006, the company added almost a quarter of that amount to its results and recorded the strongest growth rate among large cable broadcasting companies in Canada for its range of services.

These figures show the popularity of multiproduct packages - including a majority of people who subscribe to two or more products - the strong Internet service penetration, and continuing customer migration from analog to digital television.

A large clientele

As of September 30, 2015, Videotron was serving 1,745,900 cable television customers, including 1,564,600 Digital TV subscribers. Videotron is also the Québec leader in high-speed Internet access, with 1,559,500 subscribers to its cable service as of September 30, 2015. As of the same date, Videotron had 742,500 subscriber connections to its mobile telephone service and was providing cable telephone service to 1,329,500 Québec households and organizations. For the tenth consecutive year, Videotron was ranked as Québec's most respected telecommunications company, based on a Léger survey.

A strong, extended network

If Videotron has such an enviable reputation, built over the past years, it is due to the cable broadcasting network which the company constantly modernizes by injecting millions of dollars annually. Videotron's coaxial cable and fibre-optic cable network is state-of-the-art.

Videotron also has one of the largest two-way interconnected HFC (hybrid fibre optic/coaxial cable) networks in North America. It reaches more than 81,400 km, with 46,890 km of coaxial cable and 34,510 km of fibre-optic cable.

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