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Robert Dépatie President and CEO, Quebecor inc. and Quebecor Media
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Robert Dépatie

In May 2013, Robert Dépatie became President and CEO of Quebecor inc. and Quebecor Media, as well as CEO of Videotron.

Robert Dépatie joined Videotron in December 2001 as Senior Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. He also became President of the VOX channel.

Not long afterwards, in June 2003, Pierre Karl Péladeau named him President and CEO. Having learned about the company from the inside, Robert was quick to take charge. He promptly framed a compelling new mission and values to guide the company towards the goal of becoming a Canadian telecommunications leader. His strategy for achieving that goal centred around putting the customer in the driver’s seat.

Employees and investors alike were asked to buy into the customer-focused approach. The result was a spectacular increase in overall customer satisfaction, which rose to 96%*, a level unheard of in North America. Videotron has ranked as Quebec’s most respected telecommunications company for eight consecutive years, from 2006 to the present*. Throughout the Dépatie era, the company has devoted its efforts to anticipating consumer expectations, making life easier for customers and creating a “wow” effect. It has introduced one-stop shopping, bundled services, on-demand and à la carte services, innovations and technological firsts such as VoD, cable telephone service, Ultimate Speed Internet and a cutting-edge multi-screen offering. All decision-making has been directed towards delivering the best possible customer experience.

Videotron’s differentiated products and services have been made possible by the company’s readiness to make the necessary investments in the most advanced and powerful technologies and in a robust, reliable fibre optic / coax network. Under Robert Dépatie’s leadership, capital expenditures have totalled nearly $2.26 billion. Notable investments have included the historic project to build out a new 4G mobile network across Quebec in less than 2 years. Mobile services on that network launched in 2010.

The investors who have believed in Videotron since 2003 also have reason to be pleased. Propelled by dozens of consecutive quarters of growth, the company’s revenues have increased from $700 million to $2.6 billion and EBITA has spiralled from $275 million to $1.25 billion.

Robert Dépatie has articulated a clear vision but he knows it can be achieved only through team work. He has made it an employee-centred, employee-driven effort. The recent introduction of a new continuous improvement-based management model built on solid strategic foundations is paying dividends. Videotron has known labour peace since 2005 and has achieved impressive employee mobilization, earning it a place on the list of Québec’s 20 best employers***.

In addition to his dedication to the company, Robert Dépatie is a citizen who cares about social responsibility. For example, he is actively involved in the Maison de réhabilitation Raymonde-Chopin-Péladeau and has chaired its fundraising campaign since 2009. Recently, he played an important role in the revival of Notman House as an incubator for web and mobile development in Montreal.

Motivated by his commitment to exceed customers’ expectations, mobilize employees and produce healthy returns for Videotron’s shareholders, Robert Dépatie is maintaining his laser focus on providing customers with the best telecommunications and entertainment experience.

Robert Dépatie has been married to Christiane Laporte since 1984 and is now a young grandfather. Before joining Quebecor Media, he held a number of senior positions in the food distribution industry, including president of Le Marquis/Planters and executive vice president of Heinz Canada Ltd. from 1993 to 1998. Robert Dépatie studied in marketing at the University of Western Ontario.

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