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Pierre Roy Porretta, Eng.
Vice President Ingeniering, IPTV Program

Pierre Roy Porretta

Pierre Roy Porretta joined Videotron in 1995 and was given responsibility for rolling out Videotron Group's Internet service for the business and residential sectors. In 1998, he was given the job of setting up a network and systems engineering department to support deployment of a latest-generation DOCSIS network. The twin objectives were to support fast-paced growth of cable modem access services and to lay the groundwork for the introduction of IP-based cable telephone service. Pierre quickly made his mark on the development of IP-related projects by establishing the foundation for Videotron's current IP network architecture.

In November 2006, Pierre was appointed Vice President, IP Technology. In that capacity, he played a key role in the creation of Videotron's cable telephone network, the Ultimate Speed Internet 30 and 50 services, which made Videotron the first ISP in North America to make Internet access service at those speeds available to all customers, and more recently the Ultimate Speed Internet 15 and 120 services.

Pierre Roy was promoted to Vice President, Engineering, Research & Development in August 2010. Responsibility for wireline and wireless telephone service, video service and mobile service were added to his previous duties.

In April 2011, the CTO of Videotron gave Pierre responsibility for developing and recommending a technology strategy for Videotron's product and services, and put him in charge of the program office.

Pierre Roy has more than 17 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Before joining Videotron, he was a telecom and telephone service consultant with engineering consulting firms, and then an IP and Internet network consultant to colleges and universities.