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Alain Charlebois Vice President, Human Resources

Alain Charlebois

Alain Charlebois has more than 15 years of experience with hi-tech companies and an impressive track record in organizational development. He began his career with Videotron Telecom in 2003 as Section Head, Human Resources. After Videotron Telecom was folded into Videotron, Alain went on to occupy a number of positions, including Manager, Human Resources, Compensation & Benefits, and then Manager, Corporate Development & Training.

Since January 2013, Alain has been Vice President, Human Resources and Service Excellence. In that position, his mission is to provide leadership for the Human Resources team and to make the department a strategic player in achieving the Company's business plan. He is also responsible for maintaining Videotron's positioning as an employer of choice and pursuing continuous corporate improvement.
One of Alain's main achievements has been his contribution to the creation of Videotron's talent development strategy. He has also advised the management team on best practices in human resources management and development with a view to achieving Videotron's operational goals.

With other departments, Alain has supported the management team's drive to focus each employee's mission on delivering an excellent customer experience.

Alain Charlebois holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management from UQAM.