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Videotron is proud to share in the success of Quebec’s sports and cultural fields through its sponsorship of major events tied to these fields, as well as other events in the corporate sector.

Videotron’s sponsorship mission

“To establish our brand by offering benefits to our customers, and generate traffic to our platforms, while creating a bond with consumers and Quebec companies. To fulfil, through the careful use of sponsorships, our promise to provide customers with the best experience when it comes to entertainment and customer service.”

Videotron’s policies in regards to sponsorships

In all the projects it selects, Videotron would like:

  • To have exclusivity in the “telecommunications” category;
  • To offer content—featured or exclusive—that can be watched on multiple platforms and that is provided by the producer;
  • Benefit from visibility across Quebec;
  • Offer benefits to its customers (pre-sale, special offers, tickets, specific zones, etc.)

Our sponsorship program does not include:

  • Personal sponsorships;
  • Benefit events/galas;
  • Projects affiliated with a political party or religious body;
  • Activities that take place outside of Quebec;
  • Fundraising events and other charitable activities.

Want to apply for sponsorship?

Who to Contact Type of Event You Want Sponsored Selection Criteria Examples
Consumer Sponsorships A festival, sports team, sporting event, live show, TV show, etc. The selected events must allow Videotron to provide its customers with a brand experience and exclusive benefits. Just for Laughs Festival, the Montreal Impact, variety shows, etc.
Business Sponsorships A commercial event, business conference, etc. The selected events must allow Videotron Business Solutions to showcase its services. They must also contribute to maintaining client accounts, and developing and maintaining business relations and partnerships. C2-MTL International Start-Up Festival, golf tournament for La Maison Jean Lapointe
Corporate Sponsorships An event related to new technology, or an innovation The selected events must allow Videotron to establish itself in a specific field. École de technologie supérieure, Nez Rouge
Quebecor A non-profit organization, a partnership in support of a cause, a cultural centre, donations, etc. Sponsorships related in any form to community organizations, health, education and culture, or any kind of fundraising are supported by Quebecor. Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Théâtre du Rideau Vert

For an overview of Videotron-sponsored activities, click here.

Please take note of the following:

  • All sponsorships requests must be submitted six (6) months before the event is held;
  • All requests submitted to Videotron will be processed within four (4) to eight (8) weeks;
  • Only selected activities will receive a reply;
  • If your activity is selected, we will request to meet with you. All sponsorship requests are subject to this procedure.

Thank you for taking Videotron into consideration as a potential partner for your event. We wish you success with your event!

To submit a sponsorship request, click here.