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From the day it was founded in 1964 under the name Télécâble Vidéotron ltée, it was clear that Videotron was destined for great things. Its forward-looking founding president, André Chagnon, spearheaded the installation of the first cable television system in Montréal-Nord and part of Laval, starting with a subscriber base of 66 customers. Today, Videotron is a telecom leader.

Videotron jump-started an era of innovation and prosperity still vital today:

The 1960s and 70s

Videotron innovates and lays the groundwork for the uncontested technological leadership it enjoys today.

  • 1966 - 1969: Videotron buys, modernizes and builds cable networks in Québec;
  • 1969: The first à la carte TV system, called Sélecto-TV, is launched;
  • 1974: The first two-way cable service in the world is launched in Saint-Jérôme.

The 1980s

Videotron experiences galloping growth, propelled by smart technological choices such as fibre optics.

  • 1980: Videotron acquires National Cablevision and becomes the largest cable operator in Québec;
  • November 20, 1985: Groupe Vidéotron issues shares and is listed on the Montréal Exchange;
  • 1986: Videotron acquires Télé-Métropole inc., the largest private French-language television broadcaster in North America;
  • 1988: Videotron creates Protectron, a company that sells, installs, services and monitors security systems. It is sold in 2001;
  • Superclub
    1989: Le SuperClub Videotron ltée stores open, becoming the largest video club chain in Québec;
  • Videotron builds a long-distance fibre-optic network between Montréal and Québec City.

The 1990s

Videotron positions itself as a major player in the cable television industry by leveraging its creativity and expertise.

  • 1990: Videoway, the first interactive television system in North America, is launched;
  • 1996: Videotron introduces its first Internet service;
  • 1997: Videotron acquires CF Cable TV Inc., a cable operator serving mainly Montréal’s West Island and the southern part of Laval;
  • 1998: The InfiniT.com portal is launched;
  • 1999: Digital TV is rolled out in Montréal, followed by Hull and Québec City. Close to 25,000 subscribers sign up in less than six months.


The dawning of a new era: Videotron puts the customer in the driver’s seat. The customer is now the focus of all decisions and customer satisfaction is the top priority.

  • October 23, 2000: Quebecor Media acquires Groupe Vidéotron;
  • Technician
    May 23, 2001: The CRTC approves the transfer of Videotron Ltd.’s assets to Quebecor Media;
  • 2001: illico Digital TV, the first interactive TV entertainment platform, is launched;
  • 2003: Robert Dépatie is appointed President and Chief Executive Officer and implements a strategy based on a far-sighted customer-driven vision. Under his leadership, the company focuses on a new mission: providing each customer with the best possible experience.
  • In a single year, Videotron launches two major services: Video on Demand and High-Definition Television;
  • 2004: Videotron becomes the first major cable operator in Québec to offer customers a High-Definition Personal Video Recorder (HD-PVR);
  • 2005: Videotron becomes the first major cable operator in Canada to offer residential cable telephone service. Finally, Quebecers have a choice!
  • The company’s revenues pass the billion-dollar mark for the first time.


Videotron becomes a full-service telecommunications provider, offering cable TV, Internet, residential telephone service and mobile telephone service.

  • 2006: Videotron Telecom is folded into Videotron Ltd. and becomes Videotron Business Solutions;
  • Videotron launches mobile telephone service as a mobile virtual network operator, in cooperation with Rogers.
  • Videotron pushes technological convergence and expands its exclusive content offerings to realize its multiplatform vision;
  • The Le SuperClub Vidéotron subsidiary is integrated into Videotron’s operations;
  • Videotron signs major sponsorship agreements to foster the development of Québec’s cultural scene and support top-tier events such as the Just for Laughs Festival.
  • Technician
    2007: Videotron announces a new modem that supports speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Only two operators in the world could rival that speed at the time;
  • Millions of dollars are invested in network modernization initiatives across Québec. More and more customers have access to Videotron’s advanced products and services;
  • Videotron launches Softphone to enable customers to better manage all their communications, giving them the ability to access call management functions through their computers;
  • Quebecor
    2008: Videotron’s head office moves into a new building on St-Jacques Street, attached to the Quebecor building;
  • Quebecor Media secures 17 operating licences in the spectrum auction for advanced wireless services;
  • 2009: Videotron sets up shop in the Lanaudière region, opening a Customer Contact Centre in Joliette. A direct investment of more than $35 million is made in the region;
  • The illico Digital TV service passes the million subscriber mark.

2010 to present

As a technology and entertainment leader, Videotron differentiates itself through innovative products and multiplatform content offerings that make life easier for customers.

  • 2010: Videotron opens Customer Contact Centre in Gatineau, an investment of more than $2 million in the region;
  • Videotron routes more than 550,000 long-distance calls free of charge after the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile;
  • Having listened to its customers, Videotron launches the illico web Internet television service to provide a superior online entertainment experience;
  • Robert Dépatie and Manon Brouillette
    Videotron completes the build-out of its mobile network and launches its new advanced mobile telephone service in the Québec City and Montréal areas. The service is rolled out in the Eastern Townships and the Mauricie region a few weeks later;
  • Videotron’s new mobile services include a unique mobile television platform, illico mobile, another step towards a full, multiplatform offering spanning television, the Web and mobile;
  • Stairs
    Videotron opens its flagship store on Sainte-Catherine St. The state-of-the-art emporium offers customers an innovative immersive interactive experience;
  • Videotron creates more than 827 good jobs in 2010 in fields including engineering and product development. Over the past 10 years, more than 4,000 talented employees have joined Videotron’s ranks, making the company a major driver of economic growth and job creation;
  • 2011: Videotron liberates Lib tv, Canada’s first mobile channel, with comic and actor Patrick Huard as director of its unique, wacky programming;
  • Videotron continues rolling out its mobile service to more regions. With the addition of the Outaouais and Saguenay regions, more than 99% of Videotron’s service area is covered;
  • Videotron becomes Canada’s uncontested Video on Demand (VoD) and multiscreen content leader, logging more than 82 million on-demand orders (TV, Web and mobile) in 2011;
  • Illico next generation
    2012: Videotron launches illico TV new generation, a user-friendly, intuitive television experience that sets a new standard for entertainment. Designed by Quebecers, for Quebecers;
  • For the seventh year in a row. Videotron ranks as the most respected telecommunications company in Québec, according to a Les Affaires/Léger Marketing survey.

And the best is yet to come! Propelled by homegrown talent and expertise, driven by a single-minded commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience, Videotron will continue to be an industry leader and an important part of Quebecers’ daily lives.