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As a Canadian telecommunications and entertainment leader, Videotron has a responsibility and an active commitment to the communities in which it does business. Acting through Quebecor, through Quebecor companies, and directly, Videotron supports worthwhile causes by giving to support youths, families in need and the environment.


All requests for donations should be addressed to:

Quebecor inc.
Communications Department – Donations
612 Saint-Jacques St.
Montréal, Québec
H3C 4M8

Each request should be accompanied by a description of the organization and its mission, audited financial statements (if available) and a statement of how the donation will be used. The contact person's name and contact information must be included.

Requests will be reviewed by a committee created for the purpose, which meets every two or three months. The successful applicants are informed after each meeting.

Quebecor tries to respond favourably to as many requests that meet its corporate giving priorities as possible, budgets permitting.

Corporate environmental responsibility

Videotron supports Quebecor's commitment to the environment and sustainable development, by operating its business in an environmentally friendly manner. Videotron is constantly seeking solutions that yield the greatest economic, social and environmental benefits.

Recycling small electronic devices
Videotron offers the public a simple, effective way to dispose of obsolete equipment and make a difference for the environment. Since 2008, consumers have been able to deposit their old mobile telephones at Videotron stores and Le SuperClub Videotron locations.

In 2013, the program was expanded to include more products. It is now possible to bring modems, digital receivers, routers, mobile phone accessories, cables and both rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries to the stores.

The program keeps large quantities of electronic equipment out of landfill sites, giving it a second life by recycling components and safely disposing of hazardous substances. To date, more than 4.4 million units have been collected.

You can dispose of your small end-of-life products at any Videotron point of sale or Le SuperClub Videotron location.

Learn more about the We Recycle program

Computer equipment
Videotron recovers and refurbishes its used computers and makes sure the residual materials stemming from its IT equipment are disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. Whenever possible, it turns to non-profit organizations with social mandates, such as Insertech Angus, AFFI-Informatique and Service d'intégration au travail (SIT).

Second-life project

Videotron's program integrates the 4Rs ? reduce, reuse, recycle, recover ? to minimize the environmental impact of waste materials. It gives obsolete electronic equipment a second life and gives people with mental health challenges a chance to enter the labour market.

In 2014, the program collected more than 80 tons of electronic equipment; more than 45% was reused and the rest recycled.

Vehicle fleet

Videotron is working to reduce its environmental impact by installing electrical systems on its trucks to allow aerial buckets to be operated without keeping the motor running. Electric vehicles are also gradually being acquired.

Raising awareness
Communication and information dissemination are key to successfully raising awareness regarding environmental issues. As such, Videotron encourages its employees to become "green ambassadors" who educate their colleagues, inform them of the company's various environmental programs and launch green initiatives in the workplace. Their commitment to the cause has helped make sustainable development part of our corporate culture.

For more information on Quebecor's commitment to the environment and sustainable development, visit

One of the signal accomplishments of Videotron's partnership with Earth Day Québec is the electronic billing campaign, which has resulted in the planting of more than 325,000 trees. Videotron thanks all the customers who signed up for online invoices. Videotron is currently developing new initiatives to promote e-billing.

If you have not registered for online billing, you can do so by going to the Customer Centre on Videotron's website and clicking on e-billing.

  • Recovery of PVC promotional banners to make reusable bags.
  • Online Green Tech Tips to help consumers make a difference every day through environmentally responsible technological choices.

For more information on Quebecor's commitment to the environment and to sustainable development, visit