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Antoinette Noviello Vice President, Corporate Comptroller

Antoinette Noviello

Antoinette Noviello joined Videotron in June 2015 as General Manager, Finance. She has been Vice President, Corporate Comptroller of Videotron since June 2017.

In addition to overseeing all financial and accounting operations, she is responsible for application of the organization's governance rules, compliance processes and regulatory standards. Antoinette is a talented, results-oriented manager with deep expertise in finance and accounting, a keen strategic sense, and a track record of success.

After earning her first stripes at KPMG, Antoinette continued her career in finance and administration with Groupe Lelys and Parisella Vincelli Associates Consulting Group. From 2011 to 2014, she was general manager, central financial services at Sun Media Corporation. She then served as general manager, finance at QMI Agency before joining Videotron.

A member of CPA Québec (Québec's professional order of accountants) for over 20 years, Antoinette Noviello holds a Bachelor's degree in accounting and a graduate certificate in treasury - finance from McGill University. She is completing an MBA and teaches at McGill.