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Videotron is committed to facilitating access to its services for everyone

All Videotron customers deserve the same level of service. That's why our services are adapted for people with impaired hearing, speech, vision or other disabilities, as well as for our customers with reduced mobility.

Videotron is aware of the accessibility challenges its customers may encounter and is always on the lookout for the latest innovations in this area. Do not hesitate to write to us to recommend any device or program that would help improve access to our services for everyone.

To subscribe to any of our adapted services, contact a Videotron Customer Service representative by telephone, TTY, e-mail or chat.


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Services offered to people with

Physical impairments (mobility and dexterity)

Discover our mobile phone, home phone, TV and Internet products and services, and select the services and features that best suit your needs.

Services offered to people with

Impaired vision

Discover how our services can make your life easier. For example, personalized ringtones can notify you as to who's calling.

Services offered to people with

Cognitive impairment

We offer a range of support tools and services to help you in your everyday life. Discover them now.

Services offered to people with

Impaired speech

Enjoy services tailored to your needs, like T911, which allows you to communicate with 9-1-1 emergency services via text on your Videotron mobile device.

Services offered to people with

Impaired hearing

Videotron makes staying in touch easy. Discover our relay service for the hearing impaired (711), which is available to customers who subscribe to our Home Phone service. There's also T911, a service that allows you to communicate with 911 emergency services via text message using your Videotron cellphone.

The Wireless Code

The CRTC's Wireless Code, which came into effect in December 2013 and was updated in December 2017, establishes requirements that all Canadian wireless providers must meet for, most notably, cancellation fees, limits on data & roaming charges, unlocked Mobile phones, trial periods and the language used in your contract.

For more information about the Wireless Code, please visit CRTC's website.

Customers with accessibility needs are encouraged to watch The Wireless Code and Your Rights as a Canadian Wireless Consumer.

General services

Videotron offers several other services to accommodate you. Discover them today!

30-Day Satisfaction Warranty

If you are not satisfied with a service to which you subscribe, you have 30 days after its activation to terminate the contract and be reimbursed. However, if you have benefited from additional options during these 30 days (i.e. purchase of pay-per-view television content), you must pay for these additional options. You may use this warranty a maximum of once a year per service contract.

Conditions for entitlement to the disabled individuals guarantee:

  1. Having used less than 100% of calling time and data included in the subscribed-to monthly Mobile telephone plan. If the subscribed-to monthly plan includes unlimited usage, condition [1] will not apply to the unlimited option.
  2. Having used less than 100% of data included in the subscribed-to monthly Mobile Internet plan (i.e.: Mobile key, Mobile Wi-Fi, tablet data, etc.). If the subscribed-to monthly plan includes unlimited usage, condition [2] will not apply to this option.

Exclusive Mobile Phone service plan

A Mobile Phone service plan exclusively for people who have vision and/or hearing problems is being offered, upon proof of disability.

Opt for one of the most recent mobile phone models on the market that offers numerous options in terms of accessibility.

Discover the plan

Alternative billing

For all subscribers with a visual impairment

Several alternative methods for printing invoices are available to our blind or visually impaired customers free of charge. Our invoices are available in Braille, large print or digital format. With this type of subscription, our customers can also access certain communications related to alternative methods for printing invoices, upon request.

Access to Videotron's websites

The new modules integrated into Videotron's websites - videotron.com, corpo.videotron.com, affaires.videotron.com - comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) standards set out by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) international organization. For more information on these standards, please refer to the full description of W3C: http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/.

The WCAG 2.0 standards include the following terms:

  • Our videos and animations are accompanied by a text and/or soundtrack that describe the information conveyed by the images.
  • All of our pages display enough contrast to allow viewers to distinguish all the features without displaying colours.
  • The content of our pages is prioritized, structured and presented through the medium of HTML and CSS flagging in accordance with W3C standards and current Web practices, including full descriptive headers.
  • Our pages can be displayed in an intelligible way even when the cascading style sheets (CSS) are deactivated.
  • All interactive features on our pages can be commanded independently using a mouse or keyboard.
  • The destinations of all our hyperlinks are explicitly indicated.
  • All of our pages are accessible through an independent website address (URL).
  • We offer a site map in text format that makes it easy to find your destination.
  • Our texts are written in clear and concise language and important information is clearly featured.

In addition, certain features of Videotron's websites comply with WCAG version 2.0 "level 2" standards. This applies to the contrast of our titles and headers and to certain navigation features throughout the sites.

For more information on these standards, please refer to the full description of W3C: http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/.